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Welcome to our NEW WEBSITE!

The first thing you’re going to have to do is register for the new site

This will allow you to pay your dues online, receive local news, and reports from committees if you’re interested.

If you’ve used the old site, and or have been a member for more than a month your info is in the system.

Do you still need to register for the new site in order to use it? YES!

From then on to access the site just login.

The website is going to ask you to enter your UBC #

Please enter a lower case u, then the first 4 digits, then the last 4 digits of your member number like this :


You are sure to succeed!

The site will ask you for a password. Please capitalize the first letter and add some numbers at the end to keep it secure.

Fill in the rest of the fields, and you’re ready to sign up.

Where do I pay dues?

Once you’re registered with our site you can go to┬áMember Info to pay dues online.

in Solidarity,

Local 1503